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  • Route 15 Construction Detour Fri. 10/2/15

    Continuing road work on Clinton St. prompting new detour of Route 15 today, Friday, Oct. 2. The duration of the detour is unknown but expected to last for several days. Route 15 will bypass Clinton St. and Plain Street between Clinton and N. Titus Avenue. Bus will take Geneva Street to N. Titus to S. […]

  • N. Cayuga St. closed: Rts. 13, 17 and 36 rerouted

    North Cayuga St., between Lincoln St. and Cascadilla St., is closed until further notice prompting the detours of Routes 13, 17 and 36. Route 13 outbound stops leaving downtown from Seneca St. Station are relocated from N. Cayuga St. to intersections along Albany, Tompkins, Dey and Lincoln streets. Route 13 inbound stops heading downtown to […]

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  • TCAT’s 2015 Fall Service goes into effect Sun., Aug. 23

    TCAT’s fall service, along with typical academic year changes, will be in effect from Sun. Aug. 23 Sat., Jan. 16. Passengers should refer to the printed or online schedules for specific changes. All new schedules will be posted and the TCAT Fall Schedules & Service Guide is already posted by clicking TCAT Schedule & Service […]

  • Cornell to up payments for CU fares by $500,000 over next three years

    Joint Statement from TCAT and Cornell A Memorandum of Understanding between Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit, Inc. (TCAT) and Cornell University was signed in late June formalizing Cornell’s volume discount payments over the next three years, and pledging to begin talks on a new agreement to cover volume discount payments beyond 2018. As previously outlined by […]

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