• Google Transit and Trip Planning
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    By Google LLC, Inc.

    TCAT is now live on Google! Download Google Maps and get access to world-class navigation and Transit

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    Moovit Website Trip Planner

    By Moovit App Global LTD

    Trip Planning, in the palm of your hand

    Moovit is the #1 local transit app in the world trusted by over 70 million riders across more than 1400 cities. With the most robust and precise information of any public transit app, Moovit adds a new city every 15 hours.

    • Plan your trip with the Directions tool. It finds the stops closest to you and lets you know where you’re walking, how long you’re waiting, and which bus routes to take. It also calculates your total commute time. The Favorites Screen lets you save locations and frequently used lines so that you get going with a single tap
    • Search the map for bus stops near you or elsewhere in the service area. Get next departures for a stop or see all routes serving that stop.
    • Use the routes tool to see your route on a map along with the list of stops it serves. Select your stop to see next departure time or view all departures for the day.
  • myStop Mobile
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    By Avail Technologies, Inc.

    myStop Mobile puts real-time bus information and trip planning in your hands.

    • Quickly and easily access interactive location and schedule information.
    • View real-time vehicle locations, search for a stop, either by name or stop number
    • Overlay multiple routes on the map screen
    • Get next 3 departures per stop
    • View or register to receive rider alerts and public service messages
    • Subscribe to receive one-time or daily alerts for vehicle departures from a specific stop.
  • Transit App
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    By Transit App, Inc.

    Download Transit and become the urbanite you’ve always dreamt to be.

    Transit is your real-time urban travel companion. Navigate Tcat with accurate real-time predictions, simple trip planning, step-by-step navigation, service disruption notifications, and departure and stop reminders… all presented in a clear, bold interface.