TCAT’s ADA Complementary Paratransit is a specialized, door-to-door transport service for people who are not able to ride the fixed-route transit system because of a disability.

Gadabout Transportation Services is a nonprofit transportation service for older and disabled residents of Tompkins County. In addition to their regular service, Gadabout also has a contract with TCAT to operate TCAT’s paratransit service.

ADA Paratransit Info Guide

This comprehensive guide will answer most of your questions regarding ADA complementary paratransit service.

Gadabout vs. Paratransit

Gadabout operates two different types of service. They operate regular Gadabout service and they also operate TCAT’s paratransit service. Gadabout operates both types of service simultaneously with the same fleet of buses. This section will explain the difference between Gadabout and ADA paratransit (operated by Gadabout) and the eligibility requirements for each.

Gadabout FAQ

Answers to frequently asked questions about using Gadabout’s service for both regular Gadabout riders and ADA riders transported by Gadabout Transportation.

Apply for ADA

Download the ADA eligibility application to print out or fill it out right on your computer using Adobe Acrobat and submit it via email.


If you disagree with a suspension of service, denial of eligibility, or with the limitations or conditions placed on your eligibility you have the right to appeal. Appeals must be filed in writing with the TCAT office within 60 days of the receipt of the original determination or suspension letter.

ADA Contact

Contact information for Gadabout and TCAT ADA paratransit coordinator.