• Terms and Conditions

    Federal Terms and Conditions (MDOT is referenced documents, adopted by TCAT 05/2018) CONSTRUCTION LESS THAN $150,000 CONSTRUCTION MORE THAN $150,000 FEDERALLY REQUIRED CONTRACT CLAUSES_Rolling Stock Less than $150K FEDERALLY REQUIRED CONTRACT CLAUSES_Rolling Stock MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES Less than $150,000 MATERIALS AND SUPPLIES More than $150,000 OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT Less than $150,000 OPERATIONS AND MANAGEMENT More […]

  • Notice to Vendors/Contractors – 2018 Projects Pipeline

    Within the next six months TCAT will be bidding requirements for the following: Bus replacement, eight 40’Low Floor Transit Bus Shelters Chemical fire suppression system Employee Break Area Cabinetry Replacement Concrete Flooring Restoration for our Garage Computer Upgrades Facility Security Cameras Upgrade Generator Replacement Legal Services Masonry Repairs IT Internal Infrastructure Upgrades Parking lot asphalt […]