As our community works toward a "New Normal" in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, TCAT wants to hear from riders and stakeholders on how we can best serve our community while using the best safety practices available.

To help us out, please take five minutes to answer some simple survey questions and feel free to offer your thoughts on the space provided below.

1. Before the current situation, how often did you use TCAT?
2. Which of the following describes the reason that you use transit? Check all that apply.
3. Answer only if you are a TCAT rider. Overall, how has the coronavirus crisis impacted your travel on the bus?
4. If the pandemic reduced or stopped your use of transit, why? Check all that apply.

5. What transit safety practices would make you feel more comfortable about using the bus? (Please rank the following with 1 being the most important and 6 being the least important to you.)

Strictly enforce the use of face coverings
Continue to limit the number of riders on each bus to 20
Strictly enforce social distancing on the bus
Add a physical barrier in the bus to separate driver from riders
Bus disinfection of entire fleet every day
Infrastructure alterations to avoid crowding at the bus stop (e.g. closing off portions of roadway to allow more room between waiting riders)
6. If you were to limit the number of riders per bus, how many would you suggest?
Please write your suggestions or feedback for TCAT in the space provided below.
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