Ride Guide tip sheet

Every bus system is a little different, so riding TCAT for the first time can be a little intimidating, even for a seasoned rider coming from another city. You might even be a little nervous about riding the bus because you are not quite sure how to use the system. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Bus Stop Signs

On Cornell Campus, you must be at a designated bus stop. In most other areas you can flag the bus down as long as you are in a safe spot for the bus to pull over.

Route Number & Destination

These are displayed on the digital marquee at the front and side of the bus.

Bus Number

The bus number is displayed on the front-left of the bus, and over the front door.

Schedule Information

Details schedules and maps can be viewed and printed from our website at www.tcatbus.com or get schedules on the go from you cell phone by pointing your browser to http://tcat.nextinsight.com/wml 

Food, Beverages, Smoking

No open food or beverages are allowed on the bus. Please eat before or after your ride. No smoking on the bus or in shelters.

Fares & Transfers

Have your fare (exact change only), ride card, pass, or appropriate ID ready. Request a transfer slip from the bus operator when you board the bus in order to complete a continuous one way trip. Transfers are free.

Boarding, Exiting, Special Needs

Board the bus through the front door only. Exit through the back door when possible. Bus will kneel or a wheelchair lift can be lowered on request. Notify the driver of any special needs or concerns.

Bike Rack

The bike rack is first come, first served. Each bus can carry 2 bikes.

General Tips

Arrive at the bus stop a little early. Request your stop about a block in advance by pulling the yellow cord.

Safety Tips

It is unsafe to cross the street in front of the bus. Please wait until the bus has left and then cross the street according to standard pedestrian safety rules.

Chasing a bus in motion is dangerous to you, to the other  passengers, and to the driver. The driver’s attention is now focused forward. He or she must pay attention to traffic. For your safety, busses will not load passengers once they pull away from a stop.

Yield seating to the eldery or persons with disabilities.

For courtesy, and to avoid distracting the driver, please use headphones when listening to radios or portable music devices.

If you are bringing a stroller onto the bus, please fold it and place it by your seat. Keep children seated. There is no fare for children age 5 and under, but the limit is three children per adult.