GoIthaca is a membership-based program hosted by the Downtown Ithaca Alliance that that provides sustainable and affordable transportation solutions to improve your commute and complete errands while supporting a healthy lifestyle. The program provides transportation benefits discounts, and resources to employees, employers, and residents within the Downtown Ithaca area.
GoIthaca provides these free and discounted transportation services  to support people in commuting and getting around town in a reliable, sustainable and healthy way. GoIthaca would love to help you build your own travel plan!
Lauren Gabuzzi
Downtown Ithaca Alliance
TDM Program Manager

Ithaca Carshare

Ithaca Carshare logo

A membership service offering 24/7 self-serve access to fuel efficient cars and a truck located in Ithaca, NY.

Contact: Jennifer Dotson
Ithaca Carshare Executive Director
P.O. Box 418
Ithaca, NY 14851-0418
Web site: ithacacarshare.org
Email: infor@ithacashare.org

State & Federal

NYPTA (New York Public Transit Association): www.nytransit.org

APTA (American Public Transportation Association): www.apta.com

Federal Transit Administration: www.fta.dot.gov

NYSDOT Transit Bureau: www.nysdot.gov

Way2Go: Transportation Options

Way2Go logo

Transforming our community’s culture of transportation so that everyone can meet their transportation needs in a more fair and sustainable way. One-on-one or through workshops and events, Way2Go helps people save money, stress less, and go green. We also provide 1-on-1 trip planning and work with service providers to improve mobility services in our region

CHECK OUT Way2Go’s handy list of  local transportation options here.


Way2Go Team Leader
Dawn Montanye
Cornell Cooperative Extension, Tompkins County
615 Willow Ave., Ithaca, NY 14850
607-272-2292 ext. 199


Take Charge of Your Transportation!

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ITC logoThe Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council is the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) for Tompkins County. The ITCTC is charged with facilitating county-wide transportation planning.

Contact: Fernando de Aragón
Executive Director
121 E. Court St.,
Ithaca, NY 14850
Phone at (607) 274-5570
Web site: www.tompkins-co.org/itctc
Email: itctc@tompkins-co.org