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10 Monday – Friday Shuttle

Route 10 Weekday • Cornell / Commons Shuttle
Seneca @ Commons
Milstein Hall
Seneca @ Commons
Seneca @ Commons
Milstein Hall
Seneca @ Commons
7:10 A7:17 Avia Stewart Ave.7:26 A
7:20 A7:27 Avia Stewart Ave.7:36 A
7:30 A7:37 Avia Stewart Ave.7:46 A
7:40 A7:47 Avia Stewart Ave.7:56 A
7:50 A7:57 Avia Stewart Ave.8:06 A
8:00 A8:07 Avia Stewart Ave.8:16 A
8:05 A8:13 Avia Stewart Ave.8:22 A
8:10 A8:18 Avia Stewart Ave.8:27 A
8:15 A8:23 Avia Stewart Ave.8:32 A
8:20 A8:28 Avia Stewart Ave.8:37 A
8:25 A8:33 Avia Stewart Ave.8:42 A
8:30 A8:38 Avia Stewart Ave.8:47 A
8:35 A8:43 Avia Stewart Ave.8:52 A
8:40 A8:48 Avia Stewart Ave.8:57 A
8:45 A8:53 Avia Stewart Ave.9:02 A
8:50 A8:58 Avia Stewart Ave.9:07 A
8:55 A9:03 Avia Stewart Ave.9:12 A
9:00 A9:08 Avia Stewart Ave.9:17 A
9:05 A9:13 Avia Stewart Ave.9:22 A
9:10 A9:18 Avia Stewart Ave.9:27 A
9:15 A9:23 Avia Stewart Ave.9:32 A
9:20 A9:28 Avia Stewart Ave.9:37 A
9:25 A9:33 Avia Stewart Ave.9:42 A
9:30 A9:38 Avia Stewart Ave.9:47 A
9:35 A9:43 Avia Stewart Ave.9:52 A
9:40 A9:48 Avia Stewart Ave.9:57 A
9:45 A9:53 Avia Stewart Ave.10:02 A
9:50 A9:58 Avia Stewart Ave.10:07 A
9:55 A10:03 Avia Stewart Ave.10:12 A
10:00 A10:08 Avia College Ave.10:19 A
10:08 A10:16 Avia College Ave.10:27 A
10:16 A10:24 Avia College Ave.10:35 A
10:24 A10:32 Avia College Ave.10:43 A
10:32 A10:40 Avia College Ave.10:51 A
10:40 A10:48 Avia College Ave.10:59 A
10:48 A10:56 Avia College Ave.11:07 A
10:56 A11:04 Avia College Ave.11:15 A
11:04 A11:12 Avia College Ave.11:23 A
11:12 A11:20 Avia College Ave.11:31 A
11:20 A11:28 Avia College Ave.11:39 A
11:28 A11:36 Avia College Ave.11:47 A
11:36 A11:44 Avia College Ave.11:55 A
11:44 A11:52 Avia College Ave.12:03 P
11:52 A12:00 Pvia College Ave.12:11 P
12:00 P12:08 Pvia College Ave.12:19 P
12:08 P12:16 Pvia College Ave.12:27 P
12:16 P12:24 Pvia College Ave.12:35 P
12:24 P12:32 Pvia College Ave.12:43 P
12:32 P12:40 Pvia College Ave.12:51 P
12:40 P12:48 Pvia College Ave.12:59 P
12:48 P12:56 Pvia College Ave.1:07 P
12:56 P1:04 Pvia College Ave.1:15 P
1:08 P1:16 Pvia College Ave.1:27 P
1:20 P1:28 Pvia College Ave.1:39 P
1:32 P1:40 Pvia College Ave.1:51 P
1:44 P1:52 Pvia College Ave.2:03 P
1:56 P2:04 Pvia College Ave.2:15 P
2:08 P2:16 Pvia College Ave.2:27 P
2:20 P2:28 Pvia College Ave.2:39 P
2:32 P2:40 Pvia College Ave.2:51 P
2:44 P2:52 Pvia College Ave.3:03 P
2:56 P3:03 Pvia College Ave.3:15 P
3:08 P3:15 Pvia College Ave.3:27 P
3:20 P3:27 Pvia College Ave.3:39 P
3:32 P3:39 Pvia College Ave.3:51 P
3:44 P3:51 Pvia College Ave.4:03 P
3:56 P4:03 Pvia College Ave.4:15 P
4:08 P4:15 Pvia College Ave.4:27 P
4:20 P4:27 Pvia College Ave.4:39 P
4:32 P4:39 Pvia College Ave.4:51 P
4:44 P4:51 Pvia College Ave.5:03 P
4:56 P5:03 Pvia College Ave.5:15 P
5:08 P5:15 Pvia College Ave.5:27 P
5:20 P5:27 Pvia College Ave.5:39 P
5:32 P5:39 Pvia College Ave.5:51 P
5:44 P5:51 Pvia College Ave.6:03 P
5:56 P6:03 Pvia College Ave.6:15 P
6:08 P6:15 Pvia College Ave.6:27 P
6:32 P6:39 Pvia College Ave.6:51 P
6:56 P7:03 Pvia College Ave.7:15 P
7:20 P7:27 Pvia College Ave.7:39 P
7:44 P7:51 Pvia College Ave.8:03 P

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