Rt 22 for outdoor recreation extends to 7 days a week starting 6/28/21

Now offers direct connection between T-burg and Taughannock Falls Mon.-Fri.

June 25, 2021

TCAT’s summer-only Route 22 will run seven days a week starting Mon., June 28, and ⸺ for the first time ever ⸺ will offer direct trips between Trumansburg and Taughannock Falls State Park.

Note: Route 22’s Sat.-Sun. service has been operating since May 30, with staggered trips both northward to Taughannock Falls, via NYS Rte. 89, and southward to Lower Buttermilk Falls State Park, and Treman State Park, via NYS Rte. 13.

The Mon.-Fri. route,  in addition to the Trumansburg service, will serve downtown to Cass Park, Cayuga Nature Center and Taughannock Falls, as in prior years. The weekday morning trip departs Trumansburg at 11:50 a.m. ( with route then heading downtown, via NYS Rte. 89), and allows enough time for a leisurely afternoon at Taughannock for a picnic, swimming, hiking or sight-seeing. The last direct trip back to Trumansburg departs Taughannock Falls Overlook at 3:44 p.m.

 TCAT planners decided to try out  the Trumansburg-to-Taughannock Falls service, based on requests from Town of Ulysses and Village of Trumansburg residents, and outdoor enthusiasts. Depending on ridership performance and available resources, TCAT will consider offering it in the future.

Last day of  weekday Route 22 is Fri., Aug. 20, and for weekend is Sat., Aug. 21.

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