An easing of statewide pandemic restrictions has prompted TCAT to return to full capacity for seating only on all buses starting Sun., May 9.

To allow for some measure of social distancing, standing on buses will be prohibited until further notice. Additionally, TCAT will continue to require riders and front-line employees to wear face coverings per federal and state law.

TCAT implemented a 25-person per bus restriction, along with a number of other safety protocols, in March 2020 when the first cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Tompkins County.

Capacity numbers are posted on the passenger boarding side of all buses, but a typical full-sized bus has seating for 40 to 41 people with 28 to 29 standees. Smaller 35-foot buses have seating for 29 to 21 people with space for between 14 to six standees.

TCAT will continue to monitor any changes to state and federal safety mandates and will adjust safety protocols accordingly. See Covid FAQs.