TCAT’s Fall Service goes into effect Sun. Aug. 19

TCAT’s fall service will be in effect from Sun., Aug. 19, 2018, through Sat., Jan., 19, 2018.

Passengers should refer to online or printed schedules for specific changes to make sure that they are at their bus stops on time. The Fall 2018 TCAT Schedules & Service Guide is available here. The printed version will be available in the coming days at TCAT bus shelters, including Green St. Station and Seneca St. Station. Those who wish to have printed schedule mailed to them can call (607) 277-RIDE (7433) or email TCAT at, or stop by the front desk at TCAT, 737 Willow Ave., between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Mon.-Fri.

Based on analysis and rider feedback, TCAT’s Service Development team made adjustments on trips and added trips to some routes to improve service. The team will continue to analyze ridership over the fall service period to evaluate the effectiveness of the changes.

Some highlights:

Route 14S or 14 Shopper: This pilot route was initiated this past summer to offer more convenience to West Hill residents as the route enables them to travel directly to southwest shopping areas. TCAT is pleased to announce that the route has proven successful so far and will continue into the fall. Based on riders’ suggestion, early evening weekday trips were shifted to late-morning trips starting the fall service period. In addition, TCAT added a midday trip to the weekend schedule.

Routes 36 & 37:  TCAT held public meetings and reached out to Lansing riders to improve service to that area. Based on feedback, TCAT added service on the Route 36 to serve Lansing High School. TCAT also added four additional trips during the day on Route 37, which will now provide service to Lansing Town Hall. TCAT advises commuters to use Lansing Town Hall as a park-and-ride location due to increased trips to that location.

Route 83: This academic-year-only route now has a total of six additional afternoon and evening trips to better serve West Campus residents coming home from school or work.

Route 90:  Sunday service will resume for the academic year with six additional trips this fall, based on riders’ suggestions.

All changes

Route 10: Four additional trips to accommodate increased demand during academic year.

Route 11:  Continuing changes started in summer. Weekday trips continue to offer interlined or one-seat rides via Route 14 (West Hill/Cayuga Medical Center) at the top of the hour and via Route 51 (Collegetown; Cornell; and East Hill Plaza) at the bottom of the hour. On weekends, Route 11 will continue to offer one-seat ride with Route 70. Late-night loop resumes and and will interline with Route 90. Weekday late night trips to start at Aurora @ Commons instead of Seneca @ Green,

Route 14: Timing changes on some trips. AM and PM express trips, with the exception of the first AM trip, that go to Cayuga Medical Center will travel through West Hill in both directions.

Route 14S: Early evening weekday-only trips shifted to late morning, based on rider feedback. Saturday and Sunday schedules are now the same with a midday trip added.

Route 15: Minor timing changes on select Saturday trips.

Route 17: Numerous timing changes.

Route 20: Midday trip from Green St. Station shifted five minutes earlier to 12:15 p.m.

Summer Route 22: Last day of service is Fri., Aug 17.

Route 21: No 8:20 a.m. outbound trip from Vet School. AM outbound trips start from Seneca St. Station.

Route 30: Continuing change started in summer with no one-seat ride with Route 11. Continue 15-minute frequency from 7:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.  Minor timing changes on select trips from Seneca St. Station. Weekend service resumes.

Route 31: Additional 8 a.m. inbound trip and additional 8:05 outbound trip. Last outbound trip leaves 5 minutes earlier or 10:10 p.m. from Green @ Commons.

Route 32:  Added Friday-only 10:35 p.m. outbound trip from Green St. Station and Friday- only inbound trip from Northwood Apts. at 10:25 p.m.

Route 36: Minor timing changes. No 6:45 a.m. departure from Green St. Station. Last PM trip leaves Green St. Station 35 minutes later at 5:40 p.m. Outbound 3:37 p.m. trip from Green St. station will now serve Lansing High School (in addition to Lansing Town Hall.)

Route 37:  Four additional trips added to serve Lansing Town Hall based on rider feedback. Minor timing changes on commuter trips. Only one outbound a.m. trip departing Green St. Station at 6:40 a.m. to Lansing Fire Station No. 4.  TCAT advises commuters to use Lansing Town Hall as a park-and-ride location due to increased trips (a total of nine via Routes 36 and 37) to that location.

Route 43:  Minor timing changes on select trips.

Route 51: No service to Maple Ave. during academic year. See Routes 82; 92 and 93 for service to Maple Ave.

Route 52: Last PM trip moved five minutes later.

Route 65:  Several minor timing changes. Summer-only 9:30 a.m. trip eliminated.

Route 72:  Resumed 11:25 p.m. Saturday trip for academic year. 10:15 p.m. trip serves airport.

Route 81:  Academic year a.m. trips resume.

Route 82:  Route frequency returns to every 10 minutes for academic year.

Route 83:  Service resumes for academic year. Six PM trips added to help riders get back to West Campus.

Route 90: Numerous timing changes. Sunday service resumes with six additional trips. Inbound trips interlined or offering a one-seat ride via Route 11 will serve Aurora @ Commons only (and no other stops on the Commons.) Outbound trips will continue to serve Seneca @ Commons.  

Route 92: Late-night service resumes for academic year. .

Route 93: Route resumes for academic year.

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