Tconnect now serving the Dryden area

App-based, on-demand transit started in Lansing-Etna area in summer 2020

More than a year after the pandemic disrupted the original launch plan, Tconnect app-based, on-demand Mon.-Fri. service launched in the Dryden area on Mon., Aug. 9.

Already running Sat.-Sun. in the Lansing-Etna area, Tconnect transports people living too far, or more than ¼- mile from a TCAT bus stop for either pick-up or drop-off service.  The Lansing-Etna service uses smaller TCAT buses while the Dryden service is using Gadabout Transportation Services, Inc., buses. Both are branded with the Tconnect logo.

Using a customized app called HyperCommute, riders can track the Tconnect bus in real time, book a trip and expect to be picked up near their home usually within at least 30 minutes of the time they wish to board. The Tconnect bus then transports riders to a TCAT bus stop where they can transfer onto other routes to complete trips anywhere in the TCAT’s system. Or, riders can request a drop off among a few select destinations to include in-town retailers or professional offices for errands, work or appointments.

How much does it cost?

Tconnect fares follow TCAT’s affordable pricing structure and include the cost of a transfer onto a TCAT bus to complete one-way trips throughout TCAT’s service area: $1.50 per single adult ride and 75 cents for those eligible for half fare to include seniors 60 and older; youth 17 and under; and persons with disabilities. 

THERE IS ON ADDITIONAL COST to complete a one-way trip using both Tconnect and TCAT. Bus drivers will provide you with a transfer slip. 

As it does with the Lansing-Etna weekend service, Tconnect’s Dryden service will also provide drop offs at a few select stops within the zone, which is especially convenient to someone who only wants to go to the village’s business center.



Smaller buses key to Tconnect’s flexibility

Another important feature to this type service is the use of smaller buses as they are far less costly to operate than the typical 40-foot, large-capacity bus typically needed for fixed-route service. Tconnect has been using TCAT drivers and TCAT’s small cutaway 30-foot, 29-passenger buses (shown here) to run the Lansing-Etna service.

The Dryden service will use Gadabout Transportation Inc., drivers and Gadabout’s 18-foot, 10-passenger buses that will also be branded with the Tconnect logo. In addition to being less costly to run, smaller buses are also easier for drivers to maneuver on rural roads.


Don’t have a smartphone?
There are other ways to schedule.

Recognizing that many would-be riders do not have access to technology, riders can book Tconnect Dryden area trips with Gadabout dDspatch at (607) 273-1878 before 4:30pm. Riders can also email Gadabout at:

Lansing-Etna weekend service can be booked by calling TCAT dispatch at (607) 277-7433 ext. 620.

For those who need app training and additional information, Tconnect team members will be conducting outreach and welcome would-be riders to contact them for app training or to answer any questions about the service. To request assistance or a meeting, email team members at (write Tconnect in the subject line) or call (607) 277-(RIDE) and ask for a Tconnect team member.


Dryden Tconnect Coverage Area

In Dryden, Tconnect will use Gadabout Transportation Inc. buses, branded with the Tconnect logo, to connect riders with TCAT’s Route 43 village stop in front of the Sunoco Station, 30 W. Main St., where the bus continues to Cornell and downtown Ithaca allowing for transfers. The Dryden service will also stop at select destinations within the Dryden service area to include Clark’s Surefine, Southworth Library, Agway and a host of others. The Dryden service area covers a nearly 4-mile radius from the main bus stop on Main Street in the Village of Dryden.

Sun. Aug. 22 through Sat., Jan. 22


Rt. 43 Depart to Ithaca Rt. 43 Arrive from Ithaca
8:18am 10:30am
9:15am 2:39pm
11:28am 3:34pm
3:38pm 5:06pm

About the App

It’s been updated!

HyperCommute is the app used for the Tconnect on-demand service. Based on user feedback, we have updated the app and are releasing a new version for Android and iOS July 28th. See tips below on how to use the updated app. 

See video on how to use the app.


Click below for iOS/iPhone



Click below for Android




After opening the store of your choice, search for “HyperCommute” by Urban Mobility and download for free. You will be prompted to set up a free account. If you already are using the app, it will automatically update to the new version on July 31st.

Booking a Ride, Step 1:

Choose your destination

The home screen is shown below, left. To book a ride on Tconnect, enter your destination in the address bar, select a transit connection from the list, or select a destination from the list.

*Please note* – there may be more than one active service area. The app will not allow rides between the service areas. Once you select a destination, the app will automatically limit your pickup locations to the chosen service area. To view the various service areas, tap “where to?” to open a map and pinch screen to zoom out.

*Tip* Toggle between “destinations” and “transit” buttons to filter the destination list.


Step 2- Choose your Pickup Location​


After selecting a destination, the app will ask you to select a pickup location. If you selected a transit connection or destination from the list, you will be able to select a pickup at any address in the service area. The service area is shown in a teal color.

If you entered a specific address as your destination, your pickup location options will be shown in a list – please select an option and hit “continue” or “confirm pickup”.

*Please note* – You can only input a custom address once per trip, as either your destination or pickup address


Step 3: Select Travel Options & Confirm Booking

On the booking screen, please confirm that the pickup and destination are correct. The earliest travel time is selected, by default, in the middle of the screen. To travel at a later time, please hit the “Later Trips” button and select a time.

You have the option of booking your trip with up to 2 additional people. You can also indicate if someone in your group uses a mobility device.

Once you choose your travel options, hit “Book Now” and HyperCommute will attempt to schedule your trip with Tconnect. You will get a confirmation or a message that the app was unable to book the trip. Please adjust your trip request and try again.

*Tip* Once you have successfully booked a trip, you will be able to see the pickup ETA and map with the location of the bus.