Check out Remix: our transit planning software to see proposed changes and to leave your feedback.

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Instructions to leave feedback on Remix

Click “Post Comment” in the upper right corner. Zoom into any location on the map and click to post. If you want to stay in touch or have a question, leave an email address in your comment. Please use your desktop or tablet for best functionality when viewing and commenting on the map. 

Let Jane help you! 

Try the “Jane” feature in the map’s lower right corner. Click on Jane and place her on the map. The colored rings (blue to pink) show how far she can travel during different times of the day and different days of the week, by walking and taking the bus (including bus transfers). You can test different drop downs (time, day, travel time, wait time) and see how far Jane can go.

Note: When wait time is set to “average,” that means that if a bus comes every 30 minutes, Jane will wait half that time for the bus to arrive. When wait time is set to “timetables,” the wait time will be based on the draft schedules – this is more important when a bus only makes a few trips a day. 

 Open House Slide Show from 5/25/21 

Includes draft plan and specifics

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