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Updated June 15, 2021

If you missed our May 25 open house to roll out a draft of TCAT’s Transit Development Plan (TDP) 2020-2021, no worries! We can still connect. If you have a crazy schedule,  and say, you can’t get to this until 2 a.m., we also have an online tool for you to view the draft plan and leave comments through the end of June. Click here. You can also reach us at (write TDP in the subject line). 



Yet, another way to connect in-person

Transit Ambassadors: TCAT is excited to have a team of four Transit Ambassadors to assist with TDP outreach throughout the community. The Transit Ambassadors will serve as liaisons between TCAT and their own networks and communities across Tompkins County. They  are tabling in high-pedestrian areas;  conducting surveys; facilitating meetings; and organizing events to collect feedback on TCAT’s current service and to identify needs for improvement. To learn more and connect with an ambassador click here.

You can also reach out to TCAT staff by emailing us at to arrange a discussion or meeting. (Please write TDP in the subject line.) Or you can call Patty Poist at (607) 277-9388 ext. 560 to make arrangements. Please leave your contact information.


About our consultant

Sam Schwartz Consulting, NY, NY

If you follow transportation news, chances are you have heard or read Sam Schwartz being interviewed by the national and international press identified by moniker “Gridlock Sam,” as he popularized the word describing maddening mostly big-city traffic jams. Sam, who previously served as the New York City Traffic Commissioner, and his eponymous firm employing talented engineers and designers, are well known as visionaries in figuring out how to get people where they need to go while considering quality of life and the environment.

TCAT is pleased to have selected the Sam Schwartz firm to help us redesign and “making the journey” better for Tompkins County residents in the future.

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News archives from TCAT’s last TDP in 2009

The TDP is a best practice

TCAT conducted its last TDP in 2009, which resulted in a number of service changes that went into effect in January 2010 to include more streamlined routes; the addition of interlined routes or “one-seat rides;” and TCAT’s first-ever demand-and-response service, the route 41. Adhering to an industry-wide best practice, the majority of U.S. public transit agencies undertake a TDP process generally every 10 years.