Every bus system is a little different, so riding TCAT for the first time can be a little intimidating even for a seasoned rider coming from another city. You might even be a little nervous about riding the bus because you are not quite sure how to use the system. Here are some tips and instructional videos to help you get started!

How to Videos

Videos to help you get started: Bus Basics, Bus Basics for Wheelchair Users, How to set up a Tcard account with TCAT, and Using the Bicycle Rack.

Getting Started

How do I board a TCAT bus? What does a TCAT bus stop sign look like? What is a destination sign and what information does it give me? How does the driver know where to let me off the bus? Answers to these questions and other tips to get started riding the bus.

Information for Seniors at Way2Go

Way2Go offers a range of educational materials, opportunities to collaborate, presentations, and workshops for seniors including “Transportation Options For Seniors” and “Bus(t) a Move, Discover TCAT”